Department Of Medical Oncology

SRI AUROBINDO CANCER CENTRE is Proud to Announce the Formation of a Complete Superspecialty Program in cancer Medicine, Approved by The Medical Council of India under the Devi AhilyaVshwaVidyalaya, Indore

MCh Surgical Oncology ( three years ) for post MS/ DNB General Surgery graduates started 2012. MD Radiotherapy ( three years )for post MBBS Graduate candidates started 2011.

Who We Are

We are multi disciplinary team of oncologists engaged in evidence based cancer medicine in a multi specialty hospital and medical college, with special emphasis on culture specific care delivery, counseling and support.

What We Do

We train post graduate / post doctoral physicians and surgeons in the art and science of evidence based multi disciplinary cancer diagnostic , therapeutic and survivorship management.

  • State of the art kilo voltage based imaging and CBCT based image guided radiotherapy (IGRT) on the Varien DMX Linear Accelerator for targeted radiotherapy of cancers , with concurrent chemo-radiation , and HDR brachytherapy for cavitary cancers.
  • State of the art systemic hemotherapy and targeted , as well as immuno therapy for common cancers following a multi disciplinary , evidence based algorithm.
  • Advanced schema for the diagnostic management of "difficult to stage cancers" with an objective of providing viable geographical cancer treatment solutions to patients from Western Madhya Pradesh, who seek opinion from metropolitan cities.
  • High dose chemotherapy and stem cell transplantation: both allogeneic as well as autologous, for treatable cancers and bone marrow failure syndromes of children and young adults, as well as other catastrophic disorders of children

Our Stengths

  • Fully equipped Positron-Emission Tomography ( PET) &advanced nuclear medicine- diagnostic and therapeutic management of thyroid and neuro endocrine /neural crest cancers.
  • The nation's first Teen and Young Adult Cancer Service , complete with interdisciplinary care., age-appropriate counseling and rehabilitation with a survivorship program will commence at the Sri Aurobindo Cancer Centre in early 2014.
  • Advanced cancer surgery including laparoscopic removal of a variety of solid tumours
  • Established clinicians and teachers as faculty
  • Natioanlly acclaimed Clinical Research Diploma as part of the Post doctoral oncology training program
  • Culture specific counseling of patients, navigating them through various stages of cancer
  • European Society of Medical Oncology approved Palliative Care Program will commence at this Centre in 2015. (ESMO)

Our physicians

Dr. Prakash G. Chitalkar

Department Head & Consultant (MD, FSMO)

Dr. Rakesh Taran

Consultant (MD, DM)

Dr. Alok Modi

Consultant (MD, FSMO)