Department Of Reproductive Medicine

If you are trying for a pregnancy then the most important question to ask is "WILL I TAKE HOME A BABY" We understand that there must be thousands of question in your mind starting from why ? can't I get pregnant. You deserve answers to each of your questions and we are here to answer all. The most important decision that you need to take is CHOOSING AN IVF CLINIC. We hope that on this site we can provide you with enough data to help decide which centre is best and at the same time convince you why we are the answers you seek


We believe that if a thing is worth doing, it is worth doing well. We have a special Quality cell to ensure that all our activities reflect our commitment to quality care.

Our IVF lab measures up to the stringent CAP standards for Reproductive laboratories and the Lab environment surpasses the European Union Directive for IVF labs. Only the best quality disposables and drugs are used during the treatment.


The pace of research in reproduction is explosive. Newer developments often throw ethical dilemmas at the family and society at large. While sperm, egg and embryo donation and surrogacy help many couples realize their dream, indiscriminate use can damage the very fabric of the society. The commercialization and commoditization of gametes and people must be avoided at all costs. Unlike some countries, India lacks legal framework for third party reproduction. The existing laws are liberal and open to interpretation.

In such a scenario, it becomes important for clinics to regulate themselves strictly. We have separate Ethics Committee which looks into each case of third party reproduction while maintaining confidentiality and anonymity. All our activities confirm to the ICMR guidelines for assisted reproductive technologies.


The knowledge and skill of the physician is of utmost importance in the success of the program. With few exceptions, no medical college in the country offers training in assisted reproduction and minimal access surgery.

Our specialist is trained in the best Institute of the country and is the first in central India to hold a Subspeciality Qualification in Reproductive Medicine.


Our IVF Lab Director has over 15 years experience in the field of assisted reproduction. He has been the main guiding force behind most IVF clinics not only in Indore but across South East Asia.

His results reflect his passion for perfection and quality.


Other than the expertise of the doctor, the quality of the IVF Lab is the most important factor that defines success. The closer the environment mimics the mother's womb, the greater are the chances of conception.

The ideal IVF lab should be devoid of dust and other particles and volatile organic compounds. While some labs do have special filters to tackle these problems, we have gone several steps ahead. We have built our lab in special pollution free atmosphere from the ground up. The material used is nontoxic non particle generating.

Our walls are seamless and the lab has no corners or edges. The entire lab is pressurized and sealed and special Air Handling Unit. Our air quality is validated periodically and confirms to class A in gamete handling areas and class B in the background. Special garments are used inside the IVF Lab and anyone who enters has to take an air shower before entering. Thus our clean room is cleaner than the cleanest!

Empowering Patients

We believe that informed patients are empowered patients. The couple partners the team during the entire treatment. They are encouraged to ask questions, seek information and discuss options. Our team is always willing to help the couple know more about their condition and chances.

Every step of the treatment is discussed with the couple and the spouse is encouraged to be actively involved in the procedures. We have a special AV room where you can see the embryological procedures and communicate with the Embryologist. During egg pickup, the patient and her partner can see the oocyte being selected from the follicular fluid in screen connected to microscope stage in real time. During embryo transfer, the procedure of loading the embryos can be seen on the screen by the couple


We believe that soft skills and empathy are important qualities of the unit staff. Qualified counselors are available to help you manage the stress of treatments.


While Assisted Reproductive Techniques have helped built many families, it is still not an option for multitudes. One of the reasons is that it is an expensive treatment.

We believe that by using carefully tailored soft stimulation protocols in selected subgroup of patients, it is possible to bring down treatment costs without compromising on quality. Because of our association with Sri Aurobindo Institute of Medical Sciences, we save on the investment on infrastructure and to some extent manpower.

Also we deal with higher patient numbers, we can judiciously use media and disposables in bulk amounts and pass on the benefit to our patients.

Extra Mile

We believe in holistic fertility care. Couples get a free mind body program session while undergoing IVF cycles. We also help in making travel arrangements for patients from outside.

Excellent in campus accommodation is available (service apartments and rooms) with nominal charges for the patients.

Evidence Informed Care

Globally healthcare is becoming more and more evidence based. Newer techniques are being developed while the existing ones are being challenged. We believe in being abreast with the latest research in reproductive medicine and all our protocols reflect the currently accepted best practice.

We realize that one size does not fit all and each cycle is tailor made as per the patients profile and history.

Our physicians

Dr. Shilpa Bhandari

Department Head & Consultant (MD)

Dr. Pallavi Agarwal

Consultant (MD)